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Why Study Turkmen?

Learn Turkmen

Learn Turkmen language – Türkmençe öwren

What Are Some of the Reasons Many People (such as Students, Scholars, Tourists, Business Persons and Others) Could Benefit From Learning Turkmen?
  •  Learn Turkmen because you may be visiting, working or studying in/or about Turkmenistan
  • Knowledge of Turkmen language will help you to get to know more about the unique culture, ancient history, and rich literature of Turkmen people;
  • When visiting Turkmenistan, learning Turkmen will be useful to communicate with locals and to help you get around the country , for example,  to read and understand road signs; 
  • If you are considering studying or working in Turkmenistan, then it is advantageous for you to know  the Turkmen language.


Learn Turkmen – Some Lessons to Get You Started


TurkmenLanguage.com  is  pleased to help you – whether you’re a beginner studying Turkmen and just learning the basics – or an advanced student looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Let’s start here with some  FREE practice lessons. Follow the links in our Menu or click on the links to the lesson pages listed below.


Turkmen Alphabet

On this page we list and describe the complete Turkmen Alphabet – in detail for foreign-language learners.

Turkmen Lesson 1

Start building vocabulary with your first 25 Words of Turkmen.

Turkmen Lesson 2

Beware of Turkmen words that sound familiar–but have meanings that are totally different. (Translators call these “False Friends”).


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